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Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaner For The Job

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaner For The Job was first published to: Scott Leathem

Carpets help absorb foot friction. Also, they help reduce your heating costs in winter. Likewise, they enhance the overall appeal of your home interiors.

However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, simply vacuuming isn't enough. For carpet cleaning to be effective, you need to select the best approach. After all, not all carpets are created equal.

The Shampoo Effect

Let's begin with the most popular method, which is a light type of carpet cleaning. This entails shampooing the carpet as well as being careful enough not to damage the material as your designated carpet cleaner applies brush strokes. Another drawback of this kind of carpet cleaning is the amount of drying time involved. At the same time, some residues will get left no matter how hard the carpet cleaner tries.

The Dry Cleaner's Approach

The carpet cleaner will recommend one or the other approach to get the job done. Carpet cleaning can get dry. Otherwise, a quick-dry carpet cleaning solution is applied.

The Use of Super Absorbent Solution

Compared to the shampoo method, this will shorten the wait time for the carpet to dry fully. However, some residues can still get left on your carpet.

Cleaning Solvent with Carbonated Water

Here, the carpet cleaner also uses a buffer. At the same time, however, carpet cleaning will be enhanced by adding carbonated water to the equation. The result is there will be lesser residues left on the carpet.

The Dry Foam As a Shampoo Alternative

When the carpet cleaner substitutes the dry foam for the shampoo, drying time gets taken out of the carpet cleaning equation. At the same time, the vacuum does a better job of sucking up any residues left after the foam is used.

A Deeper Clean with the Hot Water Effect

Thus far, we've only tackled all the superficial carpet cleaners on the market. It's time to perform some really deep carpet cleaning with the use of hot, pressurized water. The best time to get this carpet cleaning done is every year and a half. This will ensure the longevity of your carpet.

There are two ways to get this done. The first one is a much better alternative because the carpet cleaner brings in the truck that does the housing and the subsequent dirt extraction part. In contrast, the trackless approach will use your tap water and home electricity to accomplish the task. Thus, to know when the price is right, you will need to take into account the incidental costs involved.

The Tricky Part of Comparing Quotations

Getting the price right when it comes to carpet cleaning entails being able to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. This means that you need to cover all incidental costs that may apply just like in the previous example. At the same time, you need to factor in the cost to you, the homeowner on a per square foot basis.

As a general rule, the carpet cleaner will charge you more when the carpet size is less than 5,000 square feet. So the bigger your carpet, the more you win in the price wars. The justification for this is that as a business, the carpet cleaner will need to recover the cost of getting to your place and all the setup required. So this fact is good to know before you decide on the best approach to carpet cleaning.

A professional carpet cleaner will be able to give you the pricing for all the different types of carpet cleaning. This will enable you to arrive at the best deal to lock in with. Naturally, stain removal, odor neutralization, staircase carpeting and area rugs may be add-ons. If the carpet cleaner offers you a package deal that includes these additional services, be sure to look at the quotation with a fine-tooth comb.

After all, just like carpets, not all carpet cleaners are created equal. If you managed to select the best carpet for the job regarding carpet cleaning efficiency, you would spend less time negotiating for a better price. Some carpets happen to be harder to clean than others or vice versa.

Some Carpet Do's and Don'ts

Being proactive at the carpet selection stage helps. Also, you may want to consider changing the carpeting in your home if doing so will help you save carpet cleaning costs over the long haul. Above all, never be afraid to ask the carpet cleaner what other additional services the business offers. If other cleaning services are available such as upholstery maintenance, you might want to opt-in while carpet cleaning is being done. If this doesn't save you money, it can save you time.

Finally, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure also applies to carpet cleaning. When you care enough to cover the carpet when some plumbing or other repairs are being done around the house, the carpet cleaner will spend less time doing his or her job. This means that you can be spending potentially less for the service.

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